Everyone Has a Story

Our Steadfast Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Obscure Studios, we believe that everyone has a story. We celebrate the diversity of stories and storytellers and hope to foster an inclusive environment for everyone to share their voice and be heard. We want to empower and boost the visibility of diverse creators and experiences, especially those who are underrepresented and marginalized in film and audio fiction.

We acknowledge that we’re not members of historically underrepresented groups and as such, we’re going to mess up along the way. But we are committed to being supportive allies and to learn and grow in that role. We stand with women whose rights are threatened; our LGBTQIA+ siblings; our friends and colleagues of color; immigrant and refugee communities; our friends with disabilities or who are neurodiverse; and all those on the front lines fighting for equality and human dignity.

We recognize that we live on indigenous lands and honor the Diné, Hopi, Havasupai, Kaibab-Paiute, and Hualapai peoples of Northern Arizona; the Puyallup and Coast Salish peoples of Western Washington; and the Tonkawa, Lipan-Apache, Karankawa, Comanche, and Coahuiltecan peoples of Central Texas on whose ancestral lands we live, work, and create.

Together, we hope to work for a more inclusive, just, and humane world where everyone’s stories are told and respected.

What could we be doing better?