Reilly’s Dorm (2008-2009)

Reilly’s Dorm was an unscripted, comedy web series that followed the misadventures of a college freshman, Reilly, along with his roommate, friends, and RAs at the fictional Fremont State University. The comedy series lampooned college life, Millennial culture, and YouTube bloggers and was stuffed to the brim with quirky characters, callbacks, and running jokes. Created by Jonny Eberle and William McDonald. Directed by Jonny Eberle. Produced by William McDonald and Jonny Eberle.

Behind the Scenes

To celebrate the show’s decennial, we asked the illustrious Will and Jonny to share their memories of making the iconic series in this retrospective video.

Jonny also wrote about the legacy of the series on the Obscure Studios blog to mark its 10th anniversary in 2018:

This Is What Victory Tastes Like — It’s Cheesy: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Reilly’s Dorm