Dispatches with Jonny Eberle — Season 1, Episode 4 Transcript — Meet Your Host

[00:00:00] You’re listening to Dispatches with Jonny Eberle.

[00:00:12] So, picture this, you’re listening to this podcast. It’s pretty good. And you’re wondering to yourself, Wait, hold on. Who is this guy? Let’s back up, do some introductions. I’m Johnny Eberly. I’m a writer, podcaster, filmmaker, photographer, and lots of other things, lots of descriptors. I live in Tacoma, Washington in a beautiful, 110-year-old house with my family dog, and three adorable typewriters.

[00:00:39] I’ve written short stories including Pyrocene, Firemaker, Bad Air and Bitter Herbs, How to Steal Copper Wire –which you heard in the last episode–The Disappeared, Inheritance, the Cannibals of Kitsap, and the Observable Universe, which have all been published by Creative Colloquy, Grit City Magazine or All Worlds Wayfarer. I’m also currently working on several short stories and a novel about the Las Vegas mob that I really should get back to.

[00:01:03] I’m passionate about storytelling in all its forms, whether it’s through the written word, film photography, and most recently getting into audio dramas. My first foray into the medium of podcasting was through an audio drama I created called The Adventures of Captain Radio.

[00:01:21] It’s a retro-futuristic science fiction serial and the style of the radio plays the 1930s and forties. It’s been so much fun to do. I did that through my production company, Obscure Studios. We wrapped up season one earlier this year, and we’re currently working on Seasons two and three, which will premiere in 2023.

[00:01:41] For now, though, you can listen to the podcast wherever you find your podcast, or you can find it either on the Obscure Studios website. That’s obscurestudios.net or on my website, jweberle.com.

[00:01:56] So what is Obscure Studios? You’re gonna hear me talk about it a lot in this podcast. It’s been a really fun passion project of mine.

[00:02:03] I founded it in high school for a movie that we eventually never made, that my friends and I were going to make, but it lived on somehow beyond that wild hair of an idea that never came to fruition. We founded a YouTube channel. We made 90-plus episodes of an unscripted college satire, show called Reilly’s Dorm, in which I also starred alongside my friend Will McDonald, who’s been my longtime collaborator, for , geez, we’re coming up on more than 15 years of working together. And our latest projects have been audio dramas, so The Adventures of Captain Radio, we’re also working on developing a supernatural sci-fi fantasy, just overall kind of weird little show that’s gonna be, actually set at a storage unit complex here in the [00:03:00] Pacific Northwest. I’m really excited for it. It’s tentatively titled Belgrave and we’ll have more information as we get closer to production on that as well. Sometime in 2023 is my hope, as well as some other ideas, that are kicking around, who knows what will be next.

[00:03:14] I’m a bit of a generalist. I bounce around different ideas, different mediums, but at the end of the day, I’m passionate about it. Storytelling. I really love to tell a good story and I’m really interested in all the different ways that we experience story, the different ways that a movie hits us, versus a book, versus a short story versus something that’s only for our ears.

[00:03:38] There’s different ways of telling stories that can really fire the imagination, and I love all of that. I’ve been blogging at jweberle.com for a long time, more than 10 years. So you can find a whole archive of posts there. I’ll be adapting several of those, just the good ones, into podcasts on this feed. So keep an eye out for those.

[00:04:00] In addition to my creative pursuits, I also love to travel. My wife and I have been all over the world, and we have so many other places to go from the marble steps of the Parthenon to the windswept fjords of Patagonia and all sorts of places in between. I’ve got a whole lot of travel writing on my website and I’ll be dropping some of those posts in the feed as well. They’re sort of combo travelogues, but also some tips and guides if you decide to go where we’re going.

[00:04:27] If you like what I’m writing, you can keep up with all of it by joining my monthly mailing list. I’ll put a link in the show notes and you can find that on the website as well.

[00:04:35] You can follow me on Twitter. I’m dabbling and Mastadon on as well, and all over the internet. I really hope you enjoyed the podcast. And if you have ideas for, for topics you want me to cover, for, you know, other idea , different ways that we can interact through this audio medium, I’m really interested to hear those.

[00:04:53] So drop me a line and we’ll talk. Thank you so much for listening to these dispatches, and I think there’s a lot more good stuff to come. Stay tuned.

[00:05:11] This episode was written and produced by Jonny Eberle with music by Lofi Hour from Pixabay. If you enjoyed this, dispatch, please leave us a rating and review. You can also find more of Jonny’s writing at jweberle.com. Thanks for listening