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About the Podcast

“The Adventures of Captain Radio” is a scripted, serialized science fiction audio drama podcast. It’s distributed free through all major podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music; directly via RSS feed; and anywhere fine audio fiction is found. The podcast is produced by Obscure Studios, a small, independent production company. Our website is

Show Summary

The Short Version: In the distant future, the heroic Captain Radio must team up with his robotic sidekick and a former enemy to save the love of his life and stop his arch-nemesis from destroying the universe.

The Longer Version: Set in the distant future, “The Adventures of Captain Radio” follows the exploits of the masked hero Captain Radio, the alter-ego of Count Xavier of the planet Alpha Centauri. Along with his robotic sidekick Ace and former enemy Orion, Captain Radio travels across the stars fighting against the evil Doctor Orban, a mad scientist who has kidnapped Lady Andromeda and taken her to his space fortress, where he is attempting to conquer the universe with help from the mysterious Eleventh Dimension. Each episode is a love letter to the golden age of science fiction and the radio dramas of yesteryear, complete with narration and commercials for space-age products from an alternate version of the year 1937. The show is chock-full of rapid-fire dialogue, rockets, robots, and ray guns.

Release Schedule

Season 1 — Captain Radio and the Mutant Mole People from the Eleventh Dimension—is a six-part story made up of 20-minute episodes. The entire first season is now available to listen to. We’re taking a quick breather before we begin work on season two.

Season 2 — Coming 2023

Season 3 — Coming 2023

Cast & Crew

Our main cast includes:

Will McDonald as Captain Radio
Rob Peters as Orion
DeLano Hays as Ace
Scott Kennedy as the Narrator
Abigail Stokley as Andromeda
Jonny Eberle as Doctor Orban
Bailey Cunningham as the Soldiers

Special guests:

Kaye Spivey as Flagstaff
Kate Neale, Katie Gray, Scott Thorpe, and Rutger Wagner as the Sirens (with mixing by Rutger Wagner)
Ted Fahy as The Oracle
Ron Poe as The Great Auditor

Behind the scenes:

Writer and editor: Jonny Eberle
Producers: Jonny Eberle and Will McDonald
Graphic designer: Tami King
Composer: Bailey Cunningham


“There’s something nostalgic about seeing pics of people huddled around a speaker listening to some radio show. If you ever wondered what that was like, listen to The Adventures of Captain Radio, which harkens back to the good ol’ days with a science fiction drama.”

– Paul Kondo, Podcast Gumbo

“This is a fun story from the future of our past’s imagination. The story and narrative setting are both compelling and make for a lighthearted and enjoyable adventure. You quickly feel a familiarity with the characters. I have been smiling during my entire listen.”

– Apple Podcasts listener review


Transcripts are available for all episodes on our website and are available the same day the episode goes live.

Support the Show

As a small, independent production studio, we rely on word of mouth to grow our audience. The best way to support the show is by leaving a rating or review in your podcast player of choice. Like what you hear? Buy us a cup of coffee on our Ko-fi page. Merchandise featuring artwork and quotes from the show is available for purchase our TeePublic store.


Get a taste for the tone of the show by listening to our trailer:

About Obscure Studios

Obscure Studios is a small, independent production studio. We were founded in 2004 by Jonny Eberle and Will McDonald joined the team in 2008. We started off making short films and web series, but expanded into podcasts in 2021 with the release of our first audio drama, The Adventures of Captain Radio. Learn more