Transcripts: Dispatches with Jonny Eberle

Find episode transcripts here for all your favorite episodes of Dispatches with Jonny Eberle. Obscure Studios believes in accessible audio, which is why we make every effort to post transcripts of all episodes within 24 hours of publication.

Season 1 (2022)

S1E1: An Open Letter to Sherlock Holmes

S1E2: The First Great Pandemic Novel

S1E3: How to Steal Copper Wire

S1E4: Meet Your Host

S1E5: The Many Faces of Thanksgiving

S1E6: Writing When You Don’t Have the Time or Energy

S1E7: A Lonely Kid’s Best Friend

S1E8: The Writer Goes to NYC

S1E9: The Evidence for Coal

S1E10: For Auld Lang Syne

Season 2 (2023)

S2E1: Mickey Mouse Killed the Public Domain

S2E2: In Search of Monkeyshine