Listen Now: The Adventures of Captain Radio Chapter 1

The very first episode of our new podcast, The Adventures of Captain Radio, is now available to stream on your favorite podcast app! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more. If you enjoy your rocketships with a side of robots and ray guns, we think you’ll enjoy the show. We’re a small, independent production studio—we’re not part of a large network and we don’t have a huge advertising budget—so if you want to support us, please subscribe and leave us a rating and review. That will help other people discover Captain Radio. Thanks for listening!

Chapter 1: The Death of Kings

After his nemesis takes over the empire and kidnaps the woman he loves, Captain Radio must seek help from an old enemy.

The Adventures of Captain Radio is a production of Obscure Studios. Written and edited by Jonny Eberle. Produced by Jonny Eberle and Will McDonald. Starring Will McDonald, Scott Kennedy, DeLano Hays, Rob Peters, Bailey Cunningham, Jonny Eberle, and special guest Kaye Spivey.


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