Listen Now: The Adventures of Captain Radio Chapter 1

The very first episode of our new podcast, The Adventures of Captain Radio, is now available to stream on your favorite podcast app! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more. If you enjoy your rocketships with a side of robots and ray guns, we think you’ll enjoy the show. We’re a small, independent production studio—we’re not part of a large network and we don’t have a huge advertising budget—so if you want to support us, please subscribe and leave us a rating and review. That will help other people discover Captain Radio. Thanks for listening!

Chapter 1: The Death of Kings

After his nemesis takes over the empire and kidnaps the woman he loves, Captain Radio must seek help from an old enemy.

The Adventures of Captain Radio is a production of Obscure Studios. Written and edited by Jonny Eberle. Produced by Jonny Eberle and Will McDonald. Starring Will McDonald, Scott Kennedy, DeLano Hays, Rob Peters, Bailey Cunningham, Jonny Eberle, and special guest Kaye Spivey.

First Listen: New Podcast Coming Soon from Obscure Studios

We didn’t set out to make a podcast, but these things happen when you least expect them. What started out as a throwaway gag movie title in a video we made a decade ago found new life in the dark days of the pandemic. Now, over a year after Jonny started writing the first script for Captain Radio and the Mutant Mole People from the Eleventh Dimension, we’re nearly ready to share it with the world.

The Adventures of Captain Radio is set in the distant future. Over the course of a six-episode series, we join Captain Radio, a masked vigilante fighting the forces of evil, his trusty robotic sidekick Ace, and interstellar criminal Orion as they travel across the stars to rescue Andromeda from the clutches of a mad scientist, outwit deadly space sirens, seek the mysteries of a reclusive order of monks, and race to stop a conspiracy to destroy the known universe. The show is fun and campy—and every episode ends with a cliffhanger in the style of the great radio dramas of the 1930s and ’40s.

New episodes will start beaming to your earbuds in early 2022, but you can listen to a trailer for the season right now wherever you enjoy your favorite podcasts. Just search “The Adventures of Captain Radio” in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other fine purveyors of audio drama. If you like what you hear, do us a favor and subscribe to the feed. That way, you’ll be notified when the first episode drops. Once we’re in the swing of things, we also hope you’ll leave us a rating and review, and share it with your friends.

This podcast has been a labor of love. In addition to being produced by Jonny Eberle and Will McDonald, our talented main cast includes Will McDonald, Rob Peters, DeLano Hays, Scott Kennedy, Abigail Stokley, Jonny Eberle, and Bailey Cunningham. Tami King designed our gorgeous logo (coming soon to some merch near you), and Bailey Cunningham composed our theme music. We’re so thankful for everyone who’s contributed their time to make this a reality.

Now, without further ado, check out the brand new trailer for our first-ever podcast, The Adventures of Captain Radio:

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Here at Obscure Studios, we love social media. We love connecting with our friends and fans, we love endlessly scrolling through photos that look like they were lifted straight out of a Wes Anderson movie (because symmetry and pastels are necessary for inner calm in 2020), and messing around instead of doing serious creative work. If you like our website, have perused our YouTube channel and retweeted our entire Twitter feed (sounds exhausting), the time is now to follow us on Instagram.

Over on the ‘Gram, we’ll be sharing behind the scenes moments from your favorite web series and short films, reflect on turning points in our journey as filmmakers, and share sneak peeks of upcoming projects (oh yes, we have upcoming projects). We’ve already shared some never before glimpsed moments from Obscure Studios history, an ode to our dearly departed Canon FS-10, and our hilarious first attempt at a professional lighting setup (Spoiler Alert: It was not very professional).

We’re planning to keep things fun and light on IG and we hope you’ll join us as we get social while social distancing. Thanks!

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