Meet the Cast of Captain Radio: Abigail Stokely as Andromeda

We are so lucky to work with amazingly talented voice actors at Obscure Studios. Over the next few weeks, we want you to meet the folks behind the microphone. Join us as we learn more about their creative process as we chat with the cast of “The Adventures of Captain Radio,” our science fiction audio drama podcast.

Today, show producer and voice of Captain Radio Will McDonald sits down with Abigail Stokely, who brought the character of Andromeda to life:

Set in the distant future, “The Adventures of Captain Radio” follows the exploits of the masked hero Captain Radio as he fights the forces of evil. If you like your rocket ships with a side of robots and ray guns, you’ll love this retrofuturistic sci-fi serial. You can find “The Adventures of Captain Radio” wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen to the show now!