Meet the Cast of Captain Radio: Jonny Eberle as Doctor Orban

Every villain thinks they’re the hero of the story, and that’s certainly true of the sinister Doctor Orban, the primary antagonist in season one of “The Adventures of Captain Radio.” Today, we journey to the Throne of Jupiter and come face-to-face with Captain Radio’s most lethal enemy to find out what makes the mad scientist tick.

This week, we’re continuing our series of interviews with the cast and crew of our science fiction audio drama podcast. William McDonald interviews Jonny Eberle about his dual role as the writer/creator of the series and the voice actor playing Doctor Orban. Check out the video to learn about the inspiration behind the show, why Jonny’s always wanted to play a mustache-twirling bad guy, and get a few of the secrets behind the show’s homemade sound effects:

Set in the distant future, “The Adventures of Captain Radio” follows the exploits of the masked hero Captain Radio as he fights the forces of evil. If you like your rocket ships with a side of robots and ray guns, you’ll love this retrofuturistic sci-fi serial. You can find “The Adventures of Captain Radio” wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen to the show now!