Social (Distance) With Us on Instagram

Here at Obscure Studios, we love social media. We love connecting with our friends and fans, we love endlessly scrolling through photos that look like they were lifted straight out of a Wes Anderson movie (because symmetry and pastels are necessary for inner calm in 2020), and messing around instead of doing serious creative work. If you like our website, have perused our YouTube channel and retweeted our entire Twitter feed (sounds exhausting), the time is now to follow us on Instagram.

Over on the ‘Gram, we’ll be sharing behind the scenes moments from your favorite web series and short films, reflect on turning points in our journey as filmmakers, and share sneak peeks of upcoming projects (oh yes, we have upcoming projects). We’ve already shared some never before glimpsed moments from Obscure Studios history, an ode to our dearly departed Canon FS-10, and our hilarious first attempt at a professional lighting setup (Spoiler Alert: It was not very professional).

We’re planning to keep things fun and light on IG and we hope you’ll join us as we get social while social distancing. Thanks!

Follow Obscure Studios on Instagram


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